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The Chicago Reporter is a nonprofit online investigative news organization that identifies, analyzes and reports on the social, economic and political issues of metropolitan Chicago with a focus on race, poverty and income inequality. The Reporter also publishes a quarterly magazine.

In 1972, the Reporter was founded at the Community Renewal Society, a faith-based organization, to serve as a barometer of Chicago’s progress toward racial equality coming out of the civil rights era. As one of America’s most segregated cities and the home of the nation’s largest public housing development, Chicago continues to experience racial and economic inequality. The Chicago Reporter serves a critical role in the city and region by focusing the power of investigative reporting on issues of inequality that rarely receive thorough examination. Our core areas of coverage are criminal justice, affordable housing, public health, labor and employment and  immigration.

The Reporter’s signature investigative focus has allowed it to gain tremendous credibility over time. A decade after its inception, the Reporter was used by Mayor Harold Washington to redress longstanding racial inequalities in the distribution of city services. Almost 25 years later, the Reporter’s investigation of racially disparate home mortgage lending sparked a lawsuit filed by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan that resulted in an $8.7 billion settlement with Countrywide Financial to modify more than 400,000 home loans nationwide. Today, the Reporter serves a wide, diverse and influential audience of policymakers and government officials, journalists, social service providers, public policy experts and people interested in racial and economic equality.



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