Response from CSX Corporation

We appreciate your taking the time to emphasize several of the points emphasized in your story and giving us the opportunity to comment further. Without commenting specifically on the findings of the California Air Resources Board studies, we would note that those studies are very fact specific, particularly with regard to the size and scope of the rail and other operations at the specific facilities and with regard to meteorological conditions of the region. It is difficult at best to make any assumptions, extrapolations and findings about particular facilities that don’t reflect the changes in those factors. We believe that the rail industry and CSX have made significant efforts to be responsible environmental stewards while maintaining the ability to contribute to the region’s economy and employment base. For example, CSX was the first railroad and the first transportation company to join the [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency] Climate Leaders.

Response from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

First, it should be noted that [Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway] and other railroads entered into a voluntary agreement with [the California Air Resources Board] in 1998 to significantly reduce emissions in California. This agreement has evolved and produced real results as a result of a progressive partnership between California and BNSF and included our cooperation with the [Health Risk Assessments]. The agreement is enabling us to achieve greater emission reductions in a shorter period of time than would have been possible through any other process. Now for a few corrections: Your assumption that lifts correlate to the risks calculated by the HRAs is incorrect. San Bernardino, for example, also has a double track main line with 60 to 80 or more trains passing through the facility every 24 hours.

Dated roadmap for HIV and AIDS prevention

Agencies working on HIV and AIDS prevention efforts in Chicago have to rely on dated records on the disease’s prevalence while the Chicago Department of Public Health labors to release the latest epidemiological data.

Chicago nursing homes

The interactive map shows information about 92 nursing homes in Chicago that are listed in Nursing Home Compare, a national database of Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes. The number on each icon corresponds to that facility’s overall rating out of five stars
Click here to view the map. Sources: Nursing Home Compare, Illinois Department of Public Health, Professor Vincent Mor of Brown University, and Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court