In its first round of grant-making, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge has awarded $2.5 million in school improvement grants to 35 school networks and their outside partners.

The 35 winners were winnowed from 89 groups that submitted full proposals; those 89 were selected by the Annenberg Challenge Board of Directors from 174 partnerships that submitted initial applications.

Over the next four years, the Annenberg Challenge will distribute a total of $49.2 million to school improvement programs across the city. To be eligible, schools must form networks with other schools and pair up with at least one outside institution.

Applicants must show how they plan to address three areas of school improvement: creating smaller learning environments so that children get more personalized teaching; setting aside more planning time for teachers; and collaborating with outside organizations to combat isolation.

The application process has been divided into two stages: a planning stage in which networks of at least two schools can receive money to plan a full-fledged program; and an implementation stage, in which networks that have developed plans will receive money to put their plans into action.

The $49.2 million was awarded to Chicago by publishing magnate Walter Annenberg as part of his $500 million Annenberg Challenge, a program aimed at improving urban and rural schools across the country.

To obtain information about applying for 1996 grants, call the Chicago Annenberg office at (312) 413-5869.

The following 13 partnerships received implementation grants:

BUILDING EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE Will develop and improve curriculum and assessment in preschool through 3rd grade. Partner, contact: Erikson Institute for Advanced Study in Child Development, Patty Horsch (312) 755-2250 Schools: Carter, McKay, Murphy, Salazar, Von Humboldt, Woodson South Grant: $150,000

COMER SCHOOL NETWORK Will expand the network of Comer Process schools to 11. The Comer Process focuses on improving the school climate and tackling the social problems that impede the education of inner-city children. Partner, contact: Youth Guidance, Vivian Loseth, (312) 435-3900 Schools: Brown, Chalmers, Dixon, Chase, Dodge, Haines, Herbert, Jefferson, Jordan, Nash, Riis Grant: $153,000

DUAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE Aims to strengthen ties between schools that offer dual language programs (which teach all subjects in English and another language), and to improve dual language instruction. Partner: University of Illinois Contact: Eva Helwing, Inter-American Magnet, (312) 534-5490 Schools: Inter-American Magnet, Cesar Chavez, Lozano, Lloyd Grant: $102,000

LAKE VIEW ARTS AND EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP Plans to use the arts as a catalyst to engage students in learning. Partner, contact: Chicago Teachers’ Center, Northeastern Illinois University, Jackie Murphy, (312) 773-7330 Schools: Audobon, Blaine, Ravenswood Grant: $150,000

NETWORK FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Will focus on improving reading achievement in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Partner, contact: Designs for Change, Suzanne Davenport, (312) 857-9292 Schools: Barton, Gallistel, Bateman, Roque de Duprey, Galileo Grant: $200,000

ORR SCHOOL NETWORK The Network, begun with school reform, offers a host of programs to Orr High and its feeder elementary schools. Partner, contact: DePaul University Center for Urban Education, Barbara Radner, (312) 325-7171 Schools: Pablo Casals, Morse, Ryerson, Nobel, Laura Ward, Lowell, Piccolo Middle, Wright, Orr High Grant: $200,000

SMALL SCHOOLS NETWORK Plans to set up a small schools leadership academy run by and for teachers. Partner, contact: Small Schools Worskhop, Michael Klonsky, (312) 413-8066 Schools: Nicholson, Piccolo Elementary, Perspectives, Spry, Bethune, Overton, Harper High, DuSable High, Whitney Grant: $175,000

TEACHER INTEGRATED LEARNING THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Plans to use technology and the arts as a catalyst to higher achievement. Partner: Chicago Arts Partnership for Education Contact: Janis Todd, Lincoln Park High, (312) 534-8130 Schools: Lincoln Park High, Oscar Mayer, Alcott, LaSalle Grant: $140,000

BEST PRACTICE NETWORK Plans to restructure classrooms and use “best practices” to enhance achievement. Partner, contact: National-Louis University, Marilyn Bizar, (708) 475-1100 ext 2106 Schools: Field, Hendricks, Irving, Jenner, Nettelhorst, Walters Grant: $139,000

CENTER FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT Will focus on freeing up teachers’ time so that they can attend more staff development seminars. Partner, contact: University of Chicago, Sharon Rollow, (312) 702-4472 Schools: Cameron, Fernwood, Holmes, Park Manor, Sawyer, Philip Sheridan Grant: $200,000

THE PRACTITIONERS’ COLLABORATORY Plans to help teachers look more closely at their classroom practices and learn more effective teaching strategies. Partner, contact: North Central Regional Education Laboratory, Arie van der Ploeg, (708) 218-1076 Schools: Cassell, Edison, Hancock, Lenart, Whittier Grant: $100,000

SOUTH SHORE AFRICAN VILLAGE COLLABORATIVE Plans to improve education by enhancing ties to the larger South Shore community. Partner, contact: Coalition for Improved Education in South Shore, Marie Cobb, (312) 684-6070 Schools: Coles, Powell, Revere, Madison, O’Keefe, Parkside, Bryn Mawr, Mann, Bradwell, South Shore High Grant: $200,000

WOODLAWN SCHOOL-COMMUNITY NETWORK Will focus on more personalized teaching, creating parent support teams and enhancing student self-esteem and empowerment. Partner: Roosevelt University Contact: Weldon Beverly, Hyde Park High, (312) 535-0886 Schools: McCosh, Dumas, Wadsworth, Harte, Hyde Park High Grant: $135,300

The following networks received planning grants:

3D’S + HWC Partner: Harold Washington College Contact: Glossie Coleman, Doolittle East Elementary, (312) 535-1040 Schools: Doolittle West, Doolittle East, Donoghue Grant: $19,600

AMUNDSEN NETWORK Partner: Chicago Academy of Sciences Contact: Edward Klunk, Amundsen High, (312) 534-2320 Schools: Coonley, Trumbull, Amundsen High Grant: $17,600

CURRICULUM ARTICULATION, INTEGRATION AND ALIGNMENT PROJECT Partner: National-Louis University Contact: Deborah Clark, Skinner Elementary, (312) 534-7790 Schools: Whitney Young Magnet High, Skinner Grant: $25,000

MIDDLE GRADES NETWORK Partner: Association of Middle Schools Contact: Theresa Speegle, Thurgood Marshall Middle, (312) 534-5200 Schools: Albany Park Academy, Madero Middle, Marshall Middle Grant: $25,000

CHICAGO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM-UIC NETWORK Partner: Chicago Children’s Museum Contact: Michael Polak, Jahn Elementary, (312) 534-5500 Schools: Drummond, Jahn Grant: $25,000

MICRO-SOCIETY NETWORK Partner: National-Louis University Contact: Beverly Hides, Goethe Elementary, (312) 534-4135 Schools: Goethe, Reilly, Anderson, Julian High Grant: $25,000

JULIAN CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Partner: Beverly Bank Contact: Linus Ogene, Julian High, (312) 535-5170 ext 119 Schools: Julian High, Anderson High Grant: $24,750

LITERACIES PROJECT FOR URBAN SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT Partner, contact: Bethune Teacher Center, Carol Lee, (312) 651-9217 Schools: Fenger High, Brennan Grant: $25,000

MIDDLE SCHOOLS INITIATIVES NETWORK Partner, contact: Chicago Teachers’ Center, Northeastern Illinois University, Anne Stapleton, (312) 733-7330 ext 318 Schools: Howe, Irving Park Middle, Lovett, Mozart Grant: $25,000

NANCY B JEFFERSON ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL Partner: Music Theater Workshop Contact: Frances Carroll, Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center School, (312) 433-7110 Schools: Jefferson Alternative, Healy, Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center School Grant: $25,000

NEAR NORTH SIDE SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY Partner: National-Louis University Contact: Monica Sullivan, Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, (312) 534-5550 Schools: Hawthorne Scholastic, Lincoln Grant: $25,000

NORTH LAWNDALE LEARNING COMMUNITY Partner, contact: Steans Family Foundation, Greg Darnieder, (312) 494-4513 Schools: Crown, Dvorak, Herzl, Johnson, Lawndale, Mason, Paderewski, Pope, Manley High Grant: $25,000

PLANET INTERFACE Partner: DePaul University Contact: Deborah Clark, Cleveland Elementary, (312) 534-5130 Schools: Cleveland, Henry, Palmer Grant: $25,000

KOCO CONSORTIUM Partner: Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization Contact: Winifred French, Reavis Elementary, (312) 535-1060 Schools: Reavis, Kozminski Grant: $25,000

REED-MCCORMICK-HOPKINS NETWORK Partner: Johns Hopkins University Contacts: Kandi Wethers, Reed Elementary, (312) 535-3075; Mariann Doherty, McCormick Elementary, (312) 535-7258 Schools: Reed, McCormick Grant: $25,000

CPS/CSU NETWORK: SCHOOLS WITHIN SCHOOLS Partner: Chicago State University Contact: Jacqueline Carothers, Van Vlissingen Elementary, (312) 535-5300 Schools: Pullman, Ashe, Van Vlissingen Grant: $24,940

SOUTH SIDE COMMUNITY NETWORK Partner, contact: Fund for Community Redevelopment and Revitalization, Victor Knight, (312) 363-4300 Schools: Carnegie, Fiske, Fermi, Fuller, Mollison, Murray, Ray, Shoesmith, Wirth, Kenwood Academy Grant: $22,155

EDUCATION CONNECTION NETWORK Partner: Great Books Foundation Contact: Connie Thomas, Dubois Elementary, (312) 535-5587 Schools: Dubois, Grissom Grant: $24,890

THE FLOWER CLUSTER Partner: Garfield Park Conservatory Contact: Dorothy Williams, Flower Vocational, (312) 534-6755 Schools: Flower Vocational, Michele Clark Middle, Hefferan, Sumner Grant: $25,000

UPTOWN SCHOOLS NETWORK Partner: Access 2000 Contact: Anna Corea, Stockton Elementary, (312) 534-2450 Schools: Stockton, Stewart, McCutcheon, Brennemann, Arai Middle Grant: $25,000

URBAN IMAGINATION NETWORK Partner, contact: Imagine Chicago, Bliss Browne, (312) 444-1913 Schools: Corliss High, Hope, Suder, Dewey, Locke, Terrell Grant: $25,000

PHILLIPS ACADEMY—BRONZEVILLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY Partner: Southside Partnership Contact: Sokoni Karanja, Centers for New Horizons, (312) 373-5700 Schools: Phillips Academy High, Foundations, Industrial Skills Center Grant: $24,900

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