The timeframe

Spring/Summer 2002

Parents notified of school choice.

New hiring standards for paraprofessionals go into effect.

July 2002

Title I funds must be used in accordance with the new law.

September 2002

School choice goes into effect.

Parents of children whose teachers are not “highly qualified” will be notified, and all parents will be told they can request teacher qualification status.

Parents of children in specialized language programs will be notified of students’ status and options.

New school report cards issued.

New hiring standards for teachers go into effect.

New federal law raises tough questions for CPS

The main purpose of the new act is to ensure that disadvantaged children are taught as well as and reach the same academic standards as children who are not disadvantaged. It does this principally by requiring new standards in a number of areas, including teacher qualifications, student testing and school accountability. It leaves most of the details to the states.