Quit complaining about the PARCC

The PARCC is designed to tell all of us–schools, principals, teachers, parents and students–what we know and don’t know about whether students are learning, what we are doing well and what we need help with. That’s a good thing, right? So what’s all the fuss about?

Teacher residency rule one thing CPS gets right

When we live in the city, pay taxes here and send our kids to public schools, our students will see that despite any differences, we share many common bonds–most importantly, the desire to improve the city that we all call home.

Chicago Academy High School

Another step for free college

With support from the non-profit OneGoal and a lot of hard work and long days during high school, Breyana Floyd made it from her rough Austin neighborhood to quiet Monmouth College, a tiny liberal arts school in western Illinois. Reading her story, you hope and pray she makes it to senior year and graduation. If she does, Breyana will become an all-too-rare success story.

Charters exempt from health and safety laws: study

A central tenet for charter schools is freedom from administrative red-tape, which gives these schools the power to determine their own curriculum, tests and school calendar. As it turns out, they also decide on health and safety standards for students. One legislator has already proposed a law to change that. A recent study by the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children found that because of a legal loophole, only 10 percent of Illinois health and safety laws explicitly apply to charter schools. The study identifies a host of state and local requirements for medical precautions—including vaccinations, food allergy safety and concussion treatment—that don’t apply to charter schools.