In a press release just put out by the district, CEO Ron Huberman announced a new team of managers, from both inside and outside the district. In a press release just put out by the district, CEO Ron Huberman announced a new team of managers. Robert Runcie moves from chief information officer to acting chief administrative officer, replacing M. Hill Hammock; Arshele Stevens, deputy to Runcie, takes over as acting chief information officer; Sarah Kremsner, former vice president of performance management for the Chicago Transit Authority, has been named to the newly created position of chief performance officer; Antonio Ruiz, chief technology operations officer for the City of Chicago, has been named deputy for performance management technology; David Pickens takes over as chief of staff to Board President Michael Scott; Michael Shields, deputy superintendent in the Bureau of Strategic Deployment at the Chicago Police Department, will serve as acting safety and security officer, replacing Andres Durbak; Eduardo Garza, senior policy advisor for the board, will take over as director of intergovernmental affairs, replacing Michael Merchant, who remains with the department; Alan Anderson, now executive director of the Office of School Turnaround, will become acting deputy CEO for human capital, responsible for recruitment, training, placement, and retention of teachers and principals, a job formerly overseen by Ascencion Juarez, who is retiring; Donald Fraynd, high school turnaround officer, will serve as the acting executive director of the Office of School Turnaround; Sean Harden, deputy commissioner for Interfaith/Community Affairs for the city’s Commission on Human Relations, has been named the deputy for community relations; Christina Herzog, deputy budget director, will take over as acting budget and management director; Pat Taylor, vice president of the Chicago Transit Authority’s facilities maintenance, construction and engineering group, will become acting chief facilities officer, replacing Stephen Wilkins; Jerusha Rodgers, deputy chief mechanical officer for the CTA, will serve as acting officer for college and career preparation, replacing Bernard McCune; Aarti Dhupelia, who joined CPS as a Broad Resident and has worked in several departments, will serve as the director of career and technical education.

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