The alternative certification programs CPS works with are geared primarily toward career-changers who teach while taking education coursework at local colleges and universities. The schools also enroll candidates who are not planning to work in Chicago. Here’s a snapshot of how each of nine programs works with CPS.

Associated Colleges of Illinois

CPS teachers, 2004-05: 14

Areas of Certification: High school mathematics and science

Training: 36 credit hours of courses, summer student teaching and a teacher residency in a Chicago public school for one year.

Cost: $18,000, but $9500 is covered by CPS and a federal grant

Benefits: Allows professionals to continue working full-time when they first enroll in evening courses; provides teachers with enough coursework so they are only one course shy of a Masters degree in teaching.

Contact: Chris Johnston, 312-263-2391, ext. 21.


National Louis University

CPS teachers, 2004-05: 85

Areas of Certification: Math, science, world languages, elementary education and bilingual education.

Training: Two years of coursework and a two-year teacher residency in CPS.

Cost: $9,000. CPS pays $2,000.

Contact: Mary Ann Corley, 312-261-3132


Academy for Urban School Leadership

CPS Teachers, 2004-05: 66

Areas of Certification: Elementary education

Training: A one-year program that includes coursework and a teacher residency in CPS.

Cost: $8,000 (60 percent less than the master’s in teaching program).

Contact: Jane Moore, 847-947-5192


First Class Special Education Teacher Preparation Program

Formerly Facilitating Accelerated Certification for Educators (FACE)

CPS Teachers, 2004-05: 50 (from the University of Illinois at Chicago and colleges that are members of the Associated Colleges of Illinois)

Areas of Certification: Special education

Training: Includes 20 weeks of student co-teaching and two to two-and-a-half years coursework, plus a two-year teacher residency at a CPS school.

Contact: Sharon Grant, 847-619-8831, Roosevelt University; Mary Bay, 312-355-1794, UIC.


Golden Apple Teacher Education (GATE)

CPS Teachers, 2004-05: 41

Areas of Certification: Elementary and secondary math and science

Training: In collaboration with Northwestern University, the program includes eight weeks of summer teacher training and a year-long residency in a CPS school, with additional coursework.

Contact: Nellie Quintana, 312-407-0006,


University of Illinois Middle Grades Math and Science

CPS Teachers, 2004-05: 27

Areas of Certification: Math and science

Training: A 15-month program that includes summer coursework and a year-long residency at a CPS school.

Cost: $7,000

Contact: Carol Mitchener, 312-996-8590


Teach for America

CPS teachers, 2004-05: 75

Areas of certification: Math and science and elementary education

Training: Five weeks of summer training, which includes coursework and four weeks of student teaching in either Houston, New York or Los Angeles. (See related story.)

Contact: John White,


UNITE (Urban Impact through Education)

CPS teachers, 2004-05: 10

Areas of certification: Elementary education

Training: Program is a part of the Inner City Teaching Corps, which works in collaboration with Northwestern University and the Golden Apple Foundation. Training includes eight weeks of summer courses and student teaching, and a year residency in a CPS school with additional coursework

Contact: Matthew Smith, 773-265-7240


Chicago State University

CPS teachers, 2004-05: 35

Areas of concentration: physical education

Training: Summer teacher training and a two-year teacher residency in a CPS school.

Cost: $6,000. CPS pays $2,000.

Contact: Larry Sondler, 773-995-2072

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