Below are key provisions of the new Chicago Teachers Union contract, which runs through June 30, 2007. It was approved Nov. 18 by a vote of 15,104 to 12,599. The 55 percent approval rate reflected an earlier vote in the House of Delegates. Both the House and the full membership had rejected the first tentative settlement by a ratio of 3 to 2. (Click here for the full list)


All members will get 4 percent cost-of-living raises in each of the four years.

Teachers with 13-17 years of service will get one extra sick day each year (equivalent to a half-percent raise each year).

Teachers with 18+ years of service will receive two extra sick days each year (equivalent to a 1 percent raise each year).

Each year, educational service personnel (e.g. school clerks) will receive a $225 pensionable bonus.

Work day and year

Seven fewer work days in exchange for 15 minutes added to the school day, with eight going to instruction and seven banked for professional development.

Bereavement leaves will cover loss of grandparents and domestic partners.


For two base plans, employee contributions will be frozen for the life of the contract at 1.3 percent of salary for single coverage, 1.5 percent for couples and 1.8 percent for families. Increased costs for other plans will kick in next school year.

Increases in co-pays ranging from $5 to $20.

New vision plan will pay 100 percent after $20 co-pay per annual visit; discount on eyewear.

Pension and retirement

Accelerated payment of 45 accumulated sick days prior to retirement to boost pension benefits; remaining sick days in employee bank will be available to eligible employees for cash out upon retirement. … This is a voluntary program. Prior notice is required only for those who wish to utilize this benefit.

Working conditions

Elementary teachers will be guaranteed a duty-free, self-directed fourth morning prep period.

Union delegates and LSC reps will receive duty-free prep periods.

High school advisory period will be suspended for the remainder of this school year. Each school will develop its own student development program.

A panel in each region will monitor and enforce class size limits.

$2 million to reduce class size in identified kindergartens and 1st grades.


Job sharing will be allowed in up to 500 positions.

Certified full-time-basis substitutes filling vacancies will be appointed and placed on tenure track effective July 1, 2004.

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