By late September, Arne Duncan’s administration had worked out an organizational chart, showing who among its 40-some person leadership team reported to whom.

Under it, Chief Education Officer Barbara Eason-Watkins assumes more responsibility than that held by her predecessor in the Paul Vallas administration. Eason-Watkins is at the top of a pyramid that includes all education offices except for two new ones, one dealing with strategic planning and the other with research and evaluation. Under Vallas, Chief Education Officer Cozette Buckney was atop one group of education offices, and schools and regions chief Blondean Davis was atop another. Davis resigned after Duncan was appointed.

Now, the offices that reported to Davis report to one of three deputy chief education officers, who report to Eason-Watkins. The regional education officers also report to her.

Under the chart, 11 people report directly to Duncan, and 10 report directly to Eason-Watkins.

By law, the Academic Accountability Council, the inspector general and the law department report directly to the Board of Education.

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