Language Arts

1st-graders are rated on their ability to retell a passage of text they read or had read to them; alphabetize items by the first letter; use context clues to derive word meaning; interpret figurative language; distinguish fact from opinion; distinguish fact from fantasy; define the major characteristics of significant forms of literature; identify the character, setting, plot and theme in text; compare and contrast the treatment of different cultures.

Second-graders are rated on their ability to alphabetize to the second letter; draw conclusions; recognize cause and effect; describe humor in a work of literature; compare and contrast character traits, settings, and mood of stories; distinguish between poetry and prose; use singular and plural nouns correctly; evaluate the validity of products advertised through the media.


Teachers judge 1st graders’ math skills by their ability to add and subtract; count, read, write and order whole numbers up to 1,000; count backwards from 20; understand zero on addition; count up to a dollar using different combinations of coins; gather information using tallies and charts.

Second-graders should be able to read and write number words; add whole numbers up to three digits; add and subtract amounts of money; multiply simple equations; understand odd and even numbers; estimate weight and volume of given objects and containers; make change up to $5.00; read, interpret and create a line graph; list possible outcomes or probability of a simple event.

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