Technology Counts ’98:

Putting School Technology to the Test

A special report from Education Week gauges the effectiveness of technological learning in schools. The site includes case studies, data, a test score study and state-by-state charts.

Teacher Zone

Teacher Zone helps elementary school teachers and principals assimilate technology into their lesson plans with suggested lesson plans, tips for technology planning and funding, classroom Internet resources and more. This award-winning site also provides links to more education technology sites.

Electronic School Online Magazine

Electronic School is an award-winning technology magazine published quarterly for K-12 school leaders as a supplement to The American School Board Journal. Through quality articles, public forums, news updates and product reviews, the site meters technological change in the classroom and offers advice on implementing technology in schools.

From Now On

A smorgasbord of education technology information, including articles, curriculum suggestions, and information for parents.

Discovery Channel School:

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

An exhaustive page of links to technology resources for educators that range from netiquette to shareware.


A project of the University of Minnesota to integrate the Internet into K-12 daily lesson plans. Web66 includes “Mustang,” which helps teachers cruise across the Web to find education resources without wasting time.

U.S. Department of Education

Office of Technology site

National policy on the implementation of technology in schools, including background on the President’s Educational Technology Initiative. The site also provides links to federal education technology resources and programs.

Implementing Technology in Education:

Recent Findings from Research and Evaluation Studies

A WestEd study on the schools and technology. The report also makes suggestions for effective computers use in classrooms.

Tools for Schools from the Mac Guys

Tools for Schools is a weekly Web publication that offers technical tips and new ideas for using Macintosh computers in the classroom. The site gives tech news updates that apply to educators, answers technical questions and reviews technology-related books.

First Step Communications: Classroom Technology

This Australia-based Internet company provides useful reviews and links to global education technology sites under its “Classroom Technology” heading.

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