A team of 11 current principals has selected 60 finalists to interview for 40 spots in Leadership Academy: An Urban Network for Chicago (LAUNCH), a new all-expenses-paid principal training program that includes a paid ($40,000), semester-long internship as an associate principal.

“This wasn’t an easy application process,” says LAUNCH Executive Director Ingrid Carney. “Everyone thinks it’s been rigorous, so only those who were serious about becoming principals submitted applications.” LAUNCH sent recruitment materials to 3,200 individuals inside and outside the school system. Of those, 450 requested applications, and 217 submitted them. Associate principal position sites have not been identified. Candidates were to be selected by April 30.

The principals on the selection committee are Edward Klunk, Amundsen; Melver Scott, Crane; Janice Olbervia, Fenger; Norma Rodriguez, Washington; Noble Pearce, Attucks; Leslie Fant, Goodlow; Barbara Eason-Watkins, McCosh; Linda Sienkiewicz, Piccolo; Mary Goosby, Pullman; Cydney Fields, Ray; and Tomas Revollo, Waters.

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