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The Reporter is the nation’s only nonprofit news organization whose mission is to investigate race. That was true in 1972, and that is still true today. We use data to show how the policies of government and private institutions affect racial inequality, and we hold policymakers accountable. Be sure to check out our extensive coverage […]

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The Chicago Reporter was founded in 1972 by John A. McDermott to measure Chicago’s progress toward racial equality as the civil rights era ended. Since its inception, it has been housed at the Community Renewal Society, a faith-based social justice organization. As one of America’s most segregated cities, Chicago continues to experience racial and economic […]

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Chicagoans Don’t Escape Food Insecurity

Black and Latinx communities in Chicago are more likely to be food insecure than predominantly white communities and this follows a national trend. According to USDA Food Security and Nutrition Assistance data, food insecurity rates are highest among single mothers, households with income below the poverty line, and Black and Latinx households. Across racial households […]

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Sign up for our free weekly newsletter today so you’ll never miss an investigation! Few Puerto Rican evacuees in Chicago have benefited from FEMA shelter program Update July 3, 2018: A federal judge in Massachusetts has extended the Transitional Shelter Assistance program, which was set to expire Saturday, June 30, until July 23, after a telephone […]