The School Reform Board removed principals from 11 schools that are on probation but were not chosen for reconstitution; then it named interim principals, who will serve at the discretion of the chief executive officer. Here’s a rundown.

Dodge Elementary. Allen Stringfellow is out, and Linda Langhart, a manager in the Department of Early Childhood Education, is in.

Farren Elementary. William Auksi is out, and Gwendolyn Long, a manager of teacher development, is in.

Howland Elementary. George Dalin is out, and Millicent Rechord, interim principal at Disney Magnet, is in.

Kelvyn Park High. Betzida Figueroa is out, and Diana Azcoitia, principal at Kanoon Magnet, is in.

McCorkle Elementary. Jerry Johnson is out, and Janet House, an administrator in the Office of Accountability, is in.

Medill Intermediate. Joe L. Bankhead is out, and Gloria Davis, assistant principal at Kellman Corporate Community School, is in.

Pope Elementary. Lawrence Head is out, and Jacqueline Baker, a staffer in the Office of Schools and Regions, is in.

Roosevelt High. Rafael Sanchez is out, and Miguel Trujillo, principal of Hedges Elementary, is in.

Smythe Elementary. Rickey Dorsey is out, and Geneva Ransfer, assistant principal at Hefferan Elementary, is in.

Terrell Elementary. Reva Hairston is out, and Ceola Barnes, assistant principal at Curtis Elementary, is in.

Williams Elementary. Oliver Ruff is out, and Roy White, assistant principal at Revere, is in.

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