Reporter Issues

  • Broken homes

    July/August 2013 | Landlords collect millions in housing subsidies for shoddy buildings.

  • Vanishing act

    May/June 2013 | Thousands are being deported without a chance to appear before an immigration judge.

  • Crime and punishment

    March/April 2013 | In the ongoing “war on drugs,” lawmakers pass harsher laws with little examination of the extra costs.

  • 40th anniversary special issue

    January/February 2013 | The Reporter celebrates four decades of muckraking on issues of race and poverty with a special anniversary edition, which features retrospective articles, interviews with past publishers and highlights of several notable stories from the archives.

  • Slammed

    Crime is down, but the number of Cook County teens convicted on adult felony charges continues to grow.

  • Toying with danger

    Despite DCFS involvement, many children die at the hands of their caregivers. Advocates say their deaths could be prevented.

  • Legal limbo

    Thousands of CHA units are unoccupied because of ‘court litigation,’ though most have never been named in a court case.

  • ‘Policing the police’

    The city’s effort to stem police misconduct is falling short, leaving abusive officers to operate with near impunity.