Performance event

In groups of three to five, students will decide which of five contestants won a maze contest by measuring lengths of the paths the contestants found through the maze.

Portfolio task — applications

Poll your friends to see which of the many available soft drinks is the most popular. Show your results using pictures, diagrams, graphs or any other method you think is useful. Tell what the results mean. Use your information to decide how to stock a soft drink machine.

Portfolio task — investigation

Using ads from the newspaper, compare several stores of one type (such as grocery stores, clothing stores, toy stores) and decide which store seems to be the best place to shop. What factors influenced your decision? Be sure to include all of the mathematics that you used to help you decide. (Note: This could be a project if data were collected over a period of time.)

(Other tasks include writing about mathematics, non-routine problems and projects.)

Performance levels


At this highest level, the student has deep understanding of the concept or process and can complete all important parts of the task. The student can communicate well, think concretely and abstractly, and analyze and interpret data.


The student understands the major concepts, can do almost all of the task, and can communicate concepts clearly.


The student has gained more understanding and can do some important parts of the task.


The student is beginning to show an understanding of new information or skills

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