City Colleges consolidation stirs concern about enrollment in child development programs

City Colleges of Chicago leaders say a plan to consolidate the child development program at Truman College on the North Side will lead to higher-quality offerings and stronger partnerships with four-year schools. But early childhood experts fear the move will limit access for students on the South and West Sides of the city, blocking pipeline development for bilingual teachers and educators of color.

Rauner’s child care rules could be devastating: parents, providers

Under emergency child care rules imposed July 1 by Gov. Bruce Rauner, Lenita Edgeworth has a  difficult choice. She can keep her $16,800 a year job and keep receiving day care assistance for her daughter, Ellie. Or she can pursue her goal of returning to social service work and hope and pray she doesn’t get laid off again, as that would likely spell the end of child care help.

When ‘universal preschool’ is not universal

Politicians and advocates alike have seized on research that says early childhood education offers lasting dividends — as well as on the political expediency of promising a benefit to every voter. As they have, the meaning of “universal” preschool has become, well, not so universal.