For the Record: Gifted education

Students who lose out in the upcoming round of selective elementary school admissions – as well as other students whose families might have never considered applying – have another option: The district’s less-well-known comprehensive gifted programs, located within magnet and open-enrollment neighborhood schools.

For the Record: Digging deeper into suspensions data

CPS has spent the last week touting what officials say is a big decrease in suspensions, culminating with a school visit and press conference by Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday, where the mayor declared that curbing suspensions was just the “right thing to do.”

But a confidential document obtained by Catalyst Chicago shows that suspension data from last year is more troubling than something to boast about. Last year, young elementary-age students were suspended far more than in previous years.

Creating equity and excellence for all schools

It is up to us as a broad school community to counterbalance the pessimism in some circles and concentrate on what education is about – optimism and hope, with concrete results. We must be engaged, not only during good times but also in challenging times, to bring about equity and excellence for all students.

Race ‘elephant in the room’ with Lincoln overcrowding

Parents from Lincoln Elementary reacted at Wednesday’s board meeting to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial plan to build an $18 million addition to the school, with some expressing elation while others pointed out a less expensive solution: redrawing attendance boundaries so some Lincoln students would be sent to other nearby schools, Alcott or Mayer.

South Side children will be hurt most by plan to move ChiArts

Our children on the South Side, who need a school such as ChiArts, will now most likely be displaced, just like the students from closed schools. CPS did not care to take this idea into consideration before they decided to move the school further to the Northwest Side instead of choosing the other, more centrally located option that had been in the works for years—a location at Malcolm X College.