School budget cuts spread across city

The school-level budgets show a continued trend of decreasing enrollment — and funding — for neighborhood schools and increases for charter schools. District-run schools as a whole will lose about $60 million next year, which CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey says is “going to be felt in the classroom.”

Beyond basketball, a tough road for sports

CPS is known for a handful of powerhouse basketball teams. But most high schools, especially those in poor communities, offer few opportunities for teens to get involved in sports. To do so, schools must raise their own money for athletics.

The price of fundraising

For a select but growing group of schools in wealthier communities, parent fundraising has risen to new heights. In just a decade, the number of parent groups that raise more than $50,000 a year doubled to 41; 30 schools brought in more than $100,000 and eight raised more than $200,000. Altogether, these 41 schools raised roughly $7.6 million in one year.