Pricey selective-enrollment schools take center stage

In 1998, CPS announced the construction of Northside College Prep, the first new high school in over 20 years. It became just the first of 10 test-in college prep high school created in a bid to retain the city’s middle class. At a cost of more than $45 million, Northside set a record.

Gay, transgender students seek more support

Katya Mazon had never been heavily involved with the LGBTQ community, until two and a half years ago, when she attended her first Illinois Safe Schools Alliance meeting. One of her friends, who self-identified as “queer,” invited her and said there would be food.

Hancock to become a selective admissions school

CPS wants to turn Hancock High School in McKinley Park into a selective enrollment and career and technical education (CTE) school, saying that families, elected officials and community leaders in the area want more selective admissions seats.

The decision, which still must go through public hearings, prompted criticism from one of the leaders of a well-regarded University of Chicago initiative that works with neighborhood high schools to improve academics and increase college-going.