The following are sample questions from a pilot fine arts test administered to students across the state for the first time last spring.

For 4th-graders:

1.What type of music would you expect to hear in a church?

A. A waltz B. A hymn

C. A minuet D. A raga

2.What describes a style of art in which lines, shapes, and colors are simplified or exaggerated?

A. Abstract B. Realistic

C. Medieval D. Baroque

For 7th-graders:

3.Festive, gloomy, serene, and whimsical are examples of

A. emotion. B. mood.

C. character. D. dynamics.

4.In which places are dancers most likely to use hand gestures as a very important part of their dances?

A. India and Hawaii

B. Germany and Alaska

C. Scotland and Ireland

D. England and France

For 11th-graders:

5.What did Isadora Duncan, a modern dancer, stress?

A. The use of ballet costumes

B. The importance of strong toes

C. Stiff, posed stances

D. Natural body movements

6.Which pair most influenced the development of American musical theatre?

A. Simon and Mason

B. Ibsen and Chekhov

C. Stein and Hellman

D. Rodgers and Hammerstein

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