Spring/Summer 2002

Parents notified of school choice.

New hiring standards for paraprofessionals go into effect.

July 2002

Title I funds must be used in accordance with the new law.

September 2002

School choice goes into effect.

Parents of children whose teachers are not “highly qualified” will be notified, and all parents will be told they can request teacher qualification status.

Parents of children in specialized language programs will be notified of students’ status and options.

New school report cards issued.

New hiring standards for teachers go into effect.

January 2003

U.S. Department of Education issues final regulations.


New standard set for “adequate yearly progress” based on 2001-2002 tests.

All students with limited English proficiency must be assessed.

First biennial administration of National Assessment of Education Progress exams.


Supplemental services provided.


“Corrective action” requirements for failing schools kick in.

State must raise the initial bar for adequate yearly progress.


School “restructuring” begins.

State testing for grades 3-8.

All teachers and paraprofessionals must be “highly qualified.”


Bar raised for adequate yearly progress.


Bar raised for adequate yearly progress.


Bar raised for adequate yearly progress.

End of 2013-2014

All students should be “proficient.”

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