Betty Henderson,

grandmother of 13 Mason students.

“Before he [a grandson in special education] came to Mason, he was doing fine. I have seen so many other schools that would be more appropriate.”


Robert Ladd,

father of Isaac (below)

and two others at Medill.

“I wouldn’t move them because the location is perfect here at Medill. Plus, they’re learning there. Sometimes if you move a child it affects their ability to learn.”


Tiney McKnight,

mother of 2nd-grader at Dumas Elementary.

“I want her at McCosh because they have an afterschool program there. … I want to give her a better chance to succeed academically.”


Sheila Dunson,

mother of 2nd-grader at Curtis Elementary.

“The Board needs to clean Curtis from the staff on up. … I don’t want to keep her in a school that’s not going to put education first.”


Trineda Matthews,

mother of 6th- and 8th-graders

at Smyth Elementary.

“I’ve thought about transferring them, but every time I’ve applied for magnet schools, they’ve been put on waiting lists.”

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