A student is picked up by bus at O'Keeffe Elementary in the South Shore neighborhood in this 2005 Catalyst file photo. Credit: Photo by Jasmin Shah

CPS released a list of the 82 schools with new start times for the coming school year, a move the district says will save millions in transportation costs by reducing buses and monitors.

Sixty-one high schools and 21 elementary schools will get new start and end times that range from a 15-minute to 75-minute difference. Most high schools will start at 9 a.m., an hour later than the past school year.  (See below for a complete list of start times.)

According to the Sun-Times, bus stops for magnet and selective-enrollment school students will be consolidated from 450 stops to 180.

CPS said it would release which magnet school bus stops had changed “later this summer.” The district has said these students, who used to get picked up at a school near their home, will now need to travel as far as 1.5 miles. Officials estimate the average student will travel just over half a mile.

A CPS analysis, officials said, showed that the district spent more on transportation than other large city school district with staggered start times.  CPS did not immediately provide a copy of the analysis.

CPS has said changing high school start times would save $9.2 million, while consolidating magnet school stops would save $2.3 million. Employing fewer bus monitors, the district said, would save $2 million.

In a statement, new CPS CEO Forrest Claypool said the district would work with principals and parents to “minimize disruptions” and “develop a comprehensive plan to address after-school activities.”

Already, some have raised concerns about whether high school students with later start times will be able to get to jobs and participate in sports and extracurricular activities with less time after school.

The changes are part of $200 million in cuts the district announced earlier this month, which included central office layoffs, special education staff reductions and the elimination of start-up cash for newly approved charters.

New bell times CPS SY15-16

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