The Small Schools Coalition has been an important base
for the start of charter schools in Chicago. Here’s how.

The Small Schools Workshop at the University of Illinois at Chicago helped
CPS teachers start small schools in the district. UIC Professor Bill Ayers
is a founder and co-director.

His brother, John Ayers, is executive director of Leadership for Quality
Education (LQE), a business-backed charter school advocate and resource
center, and a coalition member.

Five charter schools are run by former small schools teachers.

Harper High small schools produced: Sarah Howard and Michelle Smith,
directors of the Academy of Communications and Technology; Tonya Hernandez
Milkie, dean of students at Noble Street; and Mary Ann Pitcher, co-director
of Young Women’s Leadership.

Dyett Elementary School’s small school produced Diana Shulla and Kim
Day, co-directors of Perspectives.

William Campillo, formerly of the Small Schools Workshop, is director
of Nuestra America (ACORN) charter; his son, David, was among the first
graduates of Perspectives.

Jeanne Nowaczewski of Business and Professional People for the Public
Interest (BPI) is a founder of Young Women’s Leadership; her husband,
attorney Rodney Joslin, is board chairman at Perspectives. BPI is a member
of the Small Schools Coalition.

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