MOVING IN/ON Margaret Farr, formerly assistant director of education programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art, is the new assistant director of teacher programs at the Art Institute of Chicago (312) 443-3575. … Reginald Lewis, a former program officer at the Victoria Foundation in New Jersey and a liaison for the Newark Public Schools Reform Initiative, joins Warren Chapman as an education program officer at The Joyce Foundation. … JoAnn Harper, formerly assistant to the president for educational issues at the Chicago Teachers Union, has joined the Illinois Federation of Teachers as an assistant to the president. … Peggy Davis, a partner in the law firm of Gardner, Carton & Douglas, has been named chair of the Reform Board’s Monitoring Commission on Desegregation Implementation. She succeeds the late E. Wayne Robinson.

PRINCIPALS The following have been named interim principals. Nathaniel Mason, assistant principal, Lincoln Park High, Harper High. Nancy Mayer, specialist II in specialized services, Vaughn Occupational High. Juanita Saucedo, assistant principal of Kanoon Magnet, Kanoon. Beverly Slater, assistant principal at Price, Price. Lawrence Chase, schools superintendent in Beverly, Mass., Disney Magnet. Rudy Coats, assistant principal of Hurley, Hurley. Barbara Glapa, high school transition administrator, Hedges. Patricia Hart, assistant principal of Schubert, Schubert. Judith Hernandez, acting principal of Senn Metro Academy, Senn. … Lori Jennix, teacher at Doolittle Intermediate East, Doolittle. Daniel Rohan, assistant principal of Burr, Burr. … Bobbie Hawkins, principal of Overton, has retired. … The following have received four-year contracts. C. Scott Rzechula, Reilly. Luis Molina, Logandale Middle.

NEW ADDRESS Beginning Oct. 1, Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE) and the Teachers’ Task Force will share new offices at 407 S. Dearborn, 5th Floor. Phone number for the Task Force is (312) 986-9238. At press time, PURE’s new number is not available.

NEW NAMES Whitney-Corkery has been renamed the Emiliano Zapata Academy School, after the Mexican revolutionist. The George Gershwin Math/Science Community Academy has been renamed the Granville T. Woods Math/Science Community Academy, after the African-American inventor. St. Martin DePorres Academy, formerly owned by the Chicago Archdiocese, is now owned by Chicago Public Schools and has been renamed the Southside College Prep Academy.

OUSTED TEACHERS Only a third of the 188 teachers who were not rehired by seven reconstituted high schools had found teaching positions in other schools by mid-September. According to Chief Accountability Officer Phil Hansen, most are working in high schools while others found jobs at transition centers or elementary schools. Six of the 188 retired, resigned or were fired. At press time, some 113 were still looking for permanent placement and were to begin working as day-to-day substitutes Oct. 1.

PROBATION SCHOOLS Fifteen additional schools have been placed on probation Carver Primary, Cook, M. Davis, Doolittle Intermediate, Finkl, Gladstone, Hamline, Jenner, Kershaw, Morrill, Pickard, Schiller and Truth elementary and Spalding and Vaughn Occupational high. Nine schools have been taken off probation Beidler, Chase, Fiske, Henderson, McAuliffe, Morse, Parkman and Yale elementary and Amundson High. The following probation schools were commended for academic progress Byford, Byrd, Cameron, Carter, Doolittle Primary, Hammond, Jungman, Medill Primary, Sherwood, Sumner, and L. Ward elementary; Carver and Douglass middle; and Corliss, Dunbar, Hirsch, Kelly and Roosevelt high.

TEACHER SCHOLARSHIPS The First Chicago NBD Corporation has created a $200,000 scholarship fund for Roosevelt University students who plan to become teachers in Chicago. The corporation will provide four-year scholarships for 12 future teachers (three per year). Scholarship recipients must be members of a high school Future Teachers Club. For more information, call Thomas R. Karow at Roosevelt University (312) 341-3510 or Thomas Kelly at First Chicago, (312) 732-7007.

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