NEW TEACHERS DISMISSED Principals are not renewing the contracts of 1,062 untenured teachers next fall, angering the Chicago Teachers Union. Under the current contract, which was negotiated by the previous union leadership, teachers can be dismissed without cause during the first four years on the job. Last year, about 1,100 untenured teachers were dismissed, but 700 of them later found jobs in the system. CTU President Marilyn Stewart warned of a potential strike unless the issue is resolved in next year’s contract negotiation.

SEX EDUCATION REVAMPED The board approved a new sexual education program for grades 6 to 12 that is drawing fire from abstinence-only advocates and overwhelming support from students and parents. The new curriculum will still teach abstinence as “the expected norm” but also mandates previously optional topics such as school-age parenting and contraceptive use. Teachers will be required to receive special training; parents will have the option to decide whether their child will participate.

MOVING IN/ON Jamilah R. Jor’dan, president of the Partnership for Quality Child Care, was elected vice president of the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. … Michael Klonsky, director of the Small Schools Network, was named a visiting professor at Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler School of Education and Human Services in North Miami Beach, Fla. He will maintain his position at the Small Schools Network. … Dominic Belmonte, director of teacher preparation at the Golden Apple Foundation, is now the president and CEO. He replaces Elaine Schuster, who retired. His replacement has not been named.

[b]AT CLARK STREET The board extended a contract with the Erikson Institute that will allow Barbara Bowman, a professor at the institute, to continue as the district’s chief officer of early childhood education for another year. Bowman has served in that position for two years while continuing to teach. … Kathi Seiden-Thomas, former director of development for Girls in the Game, is now the director of external affairs for Renaissance Schools Fund.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS The following assistant principals have been awarded four year contracts at their schools and will replace their current principals who are retiring: Dorothy Armous, Hampton, will replace Carol Lovely; Ariel Correa, Chavez, will replace Sandra Traback; Jeremy Feiwell, Cardenas, will replace Sylvia Ortiz; Chris Pagnucco, Clay, will replace John Potocki.

The following principals have had their contracts renewed: Sandy M. Anast, Clark; Hiram Broyls, Burbank; Christopher Brake, Bridge; Deborah M. Clark, Skinner; Stephanie E. Dunn, Burke; Joseph W. Edmonds, Columbus; Herman Escobar, Nixon; Robert Esenberg, New Sullivan; Scott Feaman, Lake View; Cydney Fields, Ray; James B. Gilliat, Pasteur; Salvador Gonzalez, Chopin; Saundra Gray, Edison; Edward Guerra, Farragut; Mary Lou Gutierrez, Everett; Barbara A. Hall, Dunbar; Carol J. Habel, Belding; Carol A. Hardin, Abbott; Arline Hersh, Armstrong; Rhonda Hoskins, Daley Academy; Glenda Johnson, Brighton Park; Patricia Ann Johnson, Kershaw; Leonor E. Karl, Pulaski; Charles L. Kyle, Stowe; Denise Little, Hefferan; Darlene E. McClendon, Northside Learning Center; Avelino Martinez, Prescott; Donald R. Morris, Burroughs; Susan Moy, Solomon; Amy Weiss Narea, LaSalle; Mary Ann Pollett, Montefiore Special; Rosa H. Ramirez, Madero; Millicent Robersone, Bright; Amirita B. Rodgers, Park Manor; Mary L. Rogers, Till; Gloria Roman, Roque de Duprey; Myriam M. Romero, Castellanos; Mila L. Strasburg, Hamilton; Andrew J. Tinich, Lincoln; Maxine Toliver, Davis Academy; Patricia A. Turner, Stewart; Alice B. Vila, Barry; Katherine A. Volk, Pershing Magnet East; Linda E. Walker, Morgan; Corene S. Washington, Kipling; Catherine Wells, Farnsworth; Patricia A. Zemba, Cortenay.

AFTER SCHOOL SCIENCE The non-profit After School Matters received a $1 million grant from Abbott Laboratories to add a science program to its existing courses in the arts, technology, sports and communications for Chicago teens. The after school life-science program will be piloted next year at a new as yet unnamed science academy opened under Renaissance 2010. The program will later expand to other Renaissance 2010 high schools.

NATIONAL AWARD Janet Knupp, president of The Chicago Public Education Fund, received an award from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards for her work to promote National Board certification for Chicago teachers.

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