Beyond Salary

Insurance (health, dental, life)
CPS contribution
Individual coverage: $4,043
Family coverage: $4,661

Elsewhere in Illinois
Individual coverage: 152 of the 891 districts pay nothing toward individual coverage. In those that do, the amounts range from $8 to $9,640.
Family coverage: 503 districts pay nothing toward family coverage. Of those that do, the amounts range from $9 to $13,000.

The retirement option begins at age 55. Benefits vary according to age, years of service and salary. One example: A 60-year-old with 20 years of experience would get a minimum annual benefit of $24,200.

10 vacation days per school year

10 sick days per school year. Teachers can bank up to 315 unused sick days.

3 personal leave days per school year

Source: Chicago Public Schools, Illinois State Board of Education, Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.

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