Low-achieving students at 25 Chicago public schools are eligible for
free tutoring this year from providers that include such prominent firms
as Sylvan Learning Systems and Voyager Expanded Learning. However, the
School Board is attempting to restrict the parental-choice tutoring option
to the 13 elementary and middle schools in the group and let the high
schools wait until next year. Here are the schools that, as of mid-February,
were in and those that were out. Details were still being negotiated.
The program was not expected to begin until March at the earliest.

Attucks, Bethune, Carver Middle, Cather, Doolittle, Faraday, Farren, Hamline,
Howland, Medill, Morton, Pope, Tilton.
Carver, Collins, Crane, Farragut, Flower, Harper, Manley, Marshall, Orr,
Richards, Tilden, Wells.

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