The judge just made enforcing U.S Immigration laws harder to enforce and allowing criminal Illegal Aliens to roam Chicago victimizing more citizens. People wondering why Chicago has more violence should take note Chicago has 2 Million Illegal Immigrants and the drug cartel has set up shop leading to more gangs and more crimes.

  • AZXyb

    Outrageous decisions like Lee’s, greatly reducing the ability to enforce our duly enacted laws, and are driving more and more voters to vote for Trump. Radical liberals of Lee’s ilk not only betray our laws, but our entire nation. They fail to recognize the depth and breadth of grass roots Americans’ anger and resentment over having foreign interests dictate our policies to our detriment, as well as the negative impact on our pockets, being made to pay for the education of minor illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens, their health care, and a host of welfare and other public benefits. We despise having our laws and the fundamental principles of this nation mocked by illegal aliens and their facilitators, demanding that we change our laws to suit them, also to our detriment, having to watch while they screech in the streets and hide behind their children. How revolting! Illegal presence is a mockery of our laws, and our principles, and in particular, a repudiation of Rule of Law and our national sovereignty, and our integrity as a nation.
    No wonder millions of voters will be electing Trump, despite his blatant flaws. He is far less flawed than Hillary and is willing to rectify the atrocity of welcoming illegal aliens, tolerating their criminal acts, and sticking the taxpayers with huge bills to support them.

  • redfox27

    They have been mocking us for awhile now. It’s time to vote federal judge out and so we won’t be a mock by them fool illegal immgration . the American people who are vote or some Christan is doing this to us as American citizen.god don’t like ulgy

  • redfox27

    I have to protect myself many of time from the illegal immgration and one who are citizen and who hold the green card the visa. They need no more pass and we should suit and federal judge who betrayed us American people.

  • redfox27

    We can do it. It our city and we need to defeat our enemies.