Aldermanic incumbents and challengers
Aldermanic runoff candidates have raised nearly $2 million in donations since the February 24 election. While incumbents are generally vastly better funded than their counterparts, some challengers are giving them a run for their money.

Thirteen standing aldermen were forced into runoff races this year.  Several of the incumbents are multi-term aldermen, and all except one voted with the mayor at least 87 percent of the time in the City Council.

In the infographic below, see what percent of the total vote each aldermanic candidate won in the February 24 election, as well as which mayoral candidate performed the best in each of these wards.  You can also compare how much money each alderman and political challenger has raised in large donations of $1,000 or more since Feb. 24.

To dig deeper into where each candidate’s campaign funds are coming from, click here to access our searchable database for information on all contributions made to aldermanic candidates in runoffs since the first election.  And don’t miss database reporter Jonah Newman’s analysis of this election season’s battle of the unions and PACs.

Click to enlarge the infographic.

Aldermanic Runoff Infographic

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