The Chicago Public Schools Learning Outcomes cover six areas: Biological and Physical Sciences, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Development and Health, and Social Sciences. The Learning Outcomes are tied in with the state goals for learning.

These are the Learning Outcomes for Grade 4, Language Arts.

Students should be able to do the following :

Interpret, analyze, and critique the literal and non-literal messages in oral and written texts that represent different cultures.

Appraise the work of self and others and reassess one’s own thinking, speaking, and writing, using new understandings.

Speak and write, using standard conventions in a well-organized and coherent manner appropriate to a variety of audiences and purposes.

Write narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive material for different purposes and audiences, using all stages of the writing process.

Communicate by speaking effectively in formal and informal settings to provide and obtain information, using verbal and nonverbal cues.

Construct meaning of unfamiliar words and ideas from oral and written texts, using a variety of strategies and resources.

Read, comprehend, evaluate, and interpret genre representing literature of various cultures, eras, and ideas.

Listen actively, critically, and analytically for a variety of purposes.

Read and write for various purposes including recreation and enrichment.

Use technology as a tool for communication and investigation.

Use language, including home language, to generate topics, ideas, and works of personal, community, and world interest.

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