A 2000 survey of CPS seniors revealed that teachers and counselors provided
them with little to no support related to applying for college or seeking
work after graduation. Of those who were planning to go to college, most
chose to go to community or other local colleges. Only 8 percent said
they were headed for full-time work. Nearly half of them already had secured
those jobs.

Continue education: 73%
Earn a bachelor’s degree or more: 65%

Little Guidance
No support at school about college: 40%
Found advisory "not at all" or "a little" useful:
Found counselors "not very" or "a little" useful:

Narrow Choices
Illinois college: 86%
Chicago area college: 69%
Community college: 24%
Selective college: 13%*

*A selective school as ranked by one measure on U.S. News and World Report’s
college rankings.

Source: Chicago Public Schools

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