Effective Jan. 1, candidates applying for a new principal position in CPS must pass a revised eligibility process to be placed in the district’s pool of candidates, even if they are currently a principal at another school or have been a principal in the past. Under the School Board’s new guidelines, no prospective candidates will be grandfathered in. Those now in the district’s candidate pool have until Sept. 1 to secure a principal contract; if they do not, they must go through the new process as well.  The new requirements include a more rigorous interview process and a background check.

“Our membership is mortified. ” says Clarice Berry, who heads the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association.  “Under this new guideline, you’d have experienced, veteran principals going through an entry process. Under the policy, I am no longer eligible to serve as a principal unless I go through this process and neither is [Chief Education Officer] Barbara Eason-Watkins.”
Interested candidates must submit a statement of interest by Jan. 16 and an application by Jan. 30.

NEW PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS   Valesta Cobbs, interim principal at Bond, has been awarded a four-year contract. … The following principals have had their contracts renewed: Elsa Carmona, Little Village Academy; Carlos Munoz, Amundsen High; Marilyn Strojny, Northwest Middle.


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