Head Teacher/
Bowen High      
B.E.S.T* JoAnn Podkul 100/400 Nature studies and community development; on-site lessons at nearby wetlands; arbitration and mediation skills
Chicago Discovery Academy Laurelei Jancaric 75/400 Exploring the city with a focus on art and architecture; weekly field trips to museums and other cultural centers.
South Shore High      
School of the Performing Arts Doug Maclin 375/500 Fine arts integrated into a college preparatory curriculum; mandatory reading classes twice a week; artists from the community will work with classes; juniors will do internships at local arts institutions, such as the Goodman Theatre and ETA Theatre.
Entrepreneurship School Bill Gerstein 135/400 Project-based learning; students will work with local businesses or business-related groups to learn how to provide goods or services to satisfy market needs. Students will work with such institutions as the South Shore Cultural Center to develop recreational programs for neighborhood children, as well as student-owned businesses.
Orr High      
JROTC Service Corps Academy Undecided 280/384 Junior ROTC integrated with service learning and volunteer work; instruction focuses on teaching character, citizenship and leadership as well as academics.



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