Through an open records request, Catalyst obtained salary and bonus information for all Noble network employees for the 2014-2015 school year. This includes certified and uncertified teachers, administrators, receptionists and others. Note: In reporting for our story, we used a slightly earlier version of this database and, based on that, reported that two teachers had salaries exceeding $74,000. This updated database — from Feb. 11, 2016 — shows there is only one who is currently employed. There were no other revisions.  Click here to download that data set.

Separately, Catalyst obtained 2014-2015 data from the Illinois State Board of Education on certified teachers in all public schools in the city. This data set does not include uncertified teachers and other job positions that appear in the Noble spreadsheet. Click here to download the citywide data set.

Finally, CPS posts salary information for all types of employees at district-run schools and in Central Office on a regular basis on its Employees Positions Files page. Click here to download the most recent file, from Sept. 30, 2015.

See our story on Noble teachers, Autonomy at a Price.

Melissa Sanchez is a reporter for The Chicago Reporter. Email her at and follow her on Twitter at @msanchezMIA.

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