• Nivek Yentrouc

    The liberals chickens have come home to roost.

    • cactuspie

      From your post on “Cat Can’t Stop Hugging Dog After 10 Days Apart”
      Nivek Yentrouc
      “I have a female cat who displays dominance over the entire household and she gets away with it. What can I do?
      Signed P Whipped”

      You sure got the name right. At least you’ll be used to it in the next administration.

  • If passed, this initiative will start the process of removing violent police officers from the police force ~ it should be such a huge success for both the communities under threat of police occupation and the cities that have to pay out multi-million dollar lawsuits following instances of police brutality that it will spread throughout the nation … `The police insurance amendment transfers some liability from the city onto an individual officer and his insurance provider, making an officer financially culpable if he or she has too many complaints.`

  • mgresist

    Thank you so much for an outstanding article on our Police Insurance Amendment. After fighting with the city council and police administration for years in a largely futile effort to extract even the most modest accountability measures, the community is bypassing them and putting our own accountability measures in place. I look forward to a good ruling from the judge and a vote by members of our community on our Police Insurance Amendment.

    Michelle Gross
    Committee for Professional Policing