This week’s Reporter Remix highlights stories that examine race and racism from the lens of crime, politics and higher education.

The minority report: Chicago’s new police computer predicts crimes, but is it racist?
The Chicago Police Department created a “heat list” of roughly 400 people likely to be involved in violent crimes, using an algorithm that involves historical criminal information, rap sheets and 9-1-1 logs. But Matt Stroud of The Verge voices skepticism – by targeting the usual crime hotspots and associates of convicted violent offenders, is the heat list perpetuating the problem?

Obama sees focus on young black and Hispanic men as focus after presidency
Highlighting a new initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper” that helps young men of color stay in school and off the streets, President Obama recalls his own troubled childhood at a White House event Thursday. He “became the first U.S. president ever to publicly utter, ‘I got high,’” the Washington Post writes.

Colorblind Notion Aside, Colleges Grapple With Racial Tension
After interviews with dozens of college students and faculty members, Tanzina Vega of the New York Times debunks the notion of a “post-racial” millennial generation.

 Where the Good and Bad Jobs Will Be, 10 Years From Now
Reviewing new analysis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Richard Florida of the Atlantic Cities emphasizes the projected rise of low-wage, service sector jobs and the drastic decline of stable, working class jobs within the next decade.

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Cathaleen Chen

is an intern at The Chicago Reporter.