Swift Elementary School in Edgewater has one of the most unstable enrollments in the city, with a constant flow of students in and out.

Between the start of this school year and Jan. 31, 170 students newly enrolled at Swift, not counting 96 kindergartners. In addition, parents of another 177 students came to Swift to enroll their children, but the children transferred again before being assigned to a classroom.

During the same period, 198 students left Swift, dispersing to 39 Chicago public schools as well as to schools in the suburbs and other states and countries. Of those who left, 24 could not be traced.

Of the moves to or from identifiable Chicago public schools, about half involved schools within roughly 2 miles of Swift; 31 percent involved schools more than 10 miles away. Swift’s enrollment hovers around 800.

To see a map depicting citywide mobility, refer to the printed issue.

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