About 1,500 school choice supporters rallied Tuesday night in Union Station’s Great Hall, dancing and cheering in support of increased charter school funding and school vouchers.

Rather than the current funding rate for charter schools of 75 percent, charter advocates would like to see them funded at the same rate as other schools. They are pinning their hopes on House Bill 980, which would mandate the change. “My hope is that the charter schools will get equal funding,” said Gary Comer College Prep parent Tamala Dreux. “With the funding the school is getting, they are doing an awesome job.”

Lidia Rebolledo, whose two children attend St. Stainslaus Kostka School, said at the rally that she hopes legislators take up the issue of school vouchers this year. “It’s important because it’s our money,” she said. “If it’s because of money that we have to stop getting a quality education, I don’t see why Illinois cannot support us in that.”

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This post has been updated with the final count of how many people attended the rally.

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