AT CLARK STREET Jeannie Gallo, Area 2 instructional officer, has retired. Former Area 5 AIO Deborah Esparza will take her place. John Frantz, chief officer in labor and employment relations, has retired. Rachel Resnick, formerly the deputy chief officer in early childhood education, will replace him. … MOVING ON Lisa Vahey, director of the New Teachers Network for the Center for Urban School Improvement, will continue to work with the Network and assume the title of founding director. Ken Kern, a former teacher and facilitator with the Network, will take over as acting director.

CPS CONTRACTS The School Board has approved the following contracts for 2005-2006: Up to $150,000 for Johnson Research Group, Inc. of Chicago to advise the chief financial officer on tax increment financing and the capital improvement program… Up to $80,000 for The Barrett Group, Inc. of Alexandria, Va.,to consult with the Office of Technology Services and the Office of the Chief Education Officer on the E-Rate program, technology funding and technology-related legislation … $250,000 to Hewitt Associates LLC of Lincolnshire, which will consult with the Department of Human Resources by taking a skills inventory of the current staff, defining the roles of new staff and evaluating a new organizational structure.

OVERCROWDING RELIEF The board has renewed its lease with New Hope Lutheran Church for use of space at 6416 S. Washtenaw for overcrowding relief at Fairfield Elementary.The lease will run through 2007 at a cost of approximately $200,000.

NEW CHARTERS Chicago International Charter School is opening two new campuses. The Avalon/South Shore campus will open in the former St. Felicitasparochial school, 1501 E. 83 rd Place, serving grades K-4. The Wrightwood campus will open in the former St. Thomas More school at 8130 S. California Ave., serving grades K-5. Both schools will eventually serve K-8.

AWARDS Edwina Klein, a 25-year veteran preschool teacher at Portage Park Elementary, has won the Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award. The award comes with a cash prize of $5,000 for Klein and $1,000 for Portage Park. Klein is among five winners in the Chicago metro area and the only one from a CPS school. … Northside College Prep history teacher Catherine Woodward has won a 2005 Disney Teacher Award honoring teachers who show outstanding creativity and innovation. The award includes a cash prize of $10,000, a week-long trip to Disneyland, and $5,000 dollars to the teachers’ schools. Woodward also works with the Mikva Challenge, which helps encourage teens to get involved in their communities and take part in civic activities. Woodward and 44 other honorees will be eligible for the Disney Teacher of the Year award. MERIT SCHOLARS The following CPS students have won National Merit Scholarships from the colleges they plan to attend: Laura E. Cathey and Alice E. Corcoran, Walter Payton College Prep; Michael R. Kubicka, Eleanor M. Sharp and Laura J. Weiss, Whitney Young Magnet High; Andrew J. Lawrence and Douglas D. Power, Lincoln Park High; Sana E. Suh, Northside College Prep

PRINCIPAL RETIREMENTS Charles L. Alexander, Morgan Park. Former Morgan Park assistant principal, Beryl Shingles is contract principal….Julius Anderson, Hughes. Lucille Howard, former Hughes assistant principal, is contract principal….Sharon Rae Bender, Schurz. Mary Ann Folino, former assistant principal, is contract principal….Alan Berger, McKay. Angela Buckles, former interim principal at the National Teachers Academy, is interim principal. …Loris Brown-Leonard,Howe. Former interim principal at Pritzker, Carl Cerretto, is interim principal….Shirley Chapman, Esmond. Angela R. Tucker, former assistant principal at Cassell, is contract principal. …Glossie M. Coleman, Higgins. Rae Smith, former principal of Howland, is interim principal.

Michael Connolly, Canty. Janice C. Keeley, former assistant principal of Canty, is contract principal. …Rhonda L. Dabner, Bradwell. Yvonne James, former assistant principal of Bradwell, is contract principal. …Bernita Dinwiddie, Edwards. Judith Sauri, former assistant principal of Ortiz Dominguez, is contract principal. …John E. Everett, Simeon. Leonard Kenebrew, former principal of South Shore, will be interim principal…Linda Ford, National Teachers Academy. Saungktaku Richey, will be contract principal. …Donald Fumo, Moos. Maria E. Cruz, former assistant principal at Moos, is contract principal.

Rita C. Gardner, Shields. Philip Salemin, former management support director in Area 12, is contract principal. …Geraldine Haller, Jahn. Sulma Grigalunas, former assistant principal, is contract principal. …George S. Huff, Brownell. Richard Morgan, former assistant principal at Beethoven, is interim principal….Anthony L. Jelinek, Hibbard. Scott Ahlman, former assistant principal at Inter-American, is contract principal. …Helen M. Johnson, Anderson, which has closed. Rebbecca Westley is the new principal of Claremont, where Anderson’s students will attend.

John S. Katzberger, Graham. John Nichols, former interim principal of Bowen, is contract principal. …Barbara J. Martin, Holmes. Dorothy Naughton, former assistant principal of Holmes, is contract principal. … Lawrence M. McDougald, Jose De Diego. Former Management Support Director for Area 5 Alice Vera is the new contract principal….Lawrence W. McElherne, Las Casas. Felix Winslow, former assistant principal at Holmes, is contract principal….Kenneth Millar, Dever. Rita Ortiz is contract principal…Geraldine Moore, Beidler. Shirley Ewing, former reading specialist at Goldblatt Elementary is contract principal.

Christine Ogilvie, Warren. Claudia Halsey, former assistant principal, is contract principal….Efrain Orduz, Lafayette. Shirley Smith, former principal of Bouchet, is contract principal….Mary T. Palermo, Kinzie. Former assistant principal at Dirksen Sean Egan is contract principal. Julio A. Rivera, Hammond. Linda Salinas, former assistant principal at Hammond, is contract principal. …Patricia Taylor, Garvey. Michelle Miller, former assistant principal, is the new contract principal. … Dorothy C. Thomas, Hyde Park. Former assistant principal at Hyde Park, Stacey McJunkins, is interim principal … Marianne Sachs, Oriole Park. Elias Estrada, former assistant principal at Senn Language Academy, is contract principal….

Barbara B. Sims, Haley. Vaida Williams, former administrator, is contract principal.

…Arthur Slater, Kenwood, retired as principal to become Area 23 instructional officer. Elizabeth Kirby, former assistant principal at Kenwood, is contract principal….Beverly B. Slater, Gillespie. Patricia Bauldrick, formerly administrator at the Area 17 office, is contract principal. …Cecellia Smith, Kohn. Carol Briggs, formerly at DuSable, is contract principal. …Thelma Sylvester, Johns. Connell McFarland is interim principal. …Judith A. Schroeder, Southside. Gwendolyn Mims, former assistant principal at Montefiore, is contract principal. …Cheryl Marshall Washington, Dyett. Jacquelyn Lemon, formerly assistant principal at Steinmetz, is contract principal…Denise Winter, Stone Academy. Former assistant principal Joyce Nakamura is contract principal.

The following principals have also retired but their replacements have not been chosen.

Aleen P. Donaldson, Casals…. Eva Helwing, Inter-American….. Mary J. Nyhan, Andersen….Millicent C. Rechord, Gallery 37….June G. Shackter, Decatur…. Eloise Shumpert, Pritzker….Patricia M. Wells, Franklin Fine Arts Center.

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