Who’s in, who’s out on Board of Ed

Mayor Emanuel selected four new board members who don’t look much different from the members they are replacing. Critics who have been advocating for an elected school board say who sits on the board is far less important than the man who puts them there.

15 years of leadership and proud of our role

Over 15 years, The Chicago Public Education Fund has committed more than $50 million to support the programs and organizations that measurably improve teaching and learning in Chicago’s public schools.

Public Ed fund, private role: analysis

The Chicago Public Education Fund supports projects meant to be scaled up as part of the school system. In recent years, it has also paid consultants to conduct searches for top district staff and to help develop plans for the district. Its board includes some of the richest and most influential people in the city. No one outside The Fund’s staff and board of directors know how it decides which programs to support, what the results have been and how or whether the results are communicated to CPS.