AT CLARK STREET Sean P. Murphy, the former chief operating officer in the Department of Operations, has left for a position in the private sector. His replacement has not yet been named… Area 16 Instruction Officer Joyce Bristow and Area 6 Instruction Officer Emil DeJulio are both retiring.

PRINCIPALS REMOVED The following principals have been removed for poor performance: Olufemi Adeniji, School of Technology at South Shore; Mirtha Quintana-Toomey, World Language High School at Little Village; Doris Spivey-Tompkins, Mahalia Jackson; Frederic W. Metz, Medill. Other principal removals are expected to be announced at the July School Board meeting.

PRINCIPAL RETIREMENTS Edith Allen-Coleman, Webster Elementary and Hansberry CPC; Roscoe Beach, Buckingham; Lenore Bedar, Shoesmith; Beverly J. Bennett, Simpson Academy for Young Women; Robert Blitstein, Mayer; Kathleen Bowman, Mitchell; Eugenia Bradfield, Louis Armstrong; Frieda J. Brown, Beard; Clifton Burgess, Von Steuben High; Peter Bushbacher, Scammon; James Conway, Sutherland; Vera Curry-James, Brennemann; Craig Ergang, Washington Elementary; Katherine Flanagan, Manley High; Charles Giglio, Linne; Barbara Glapa, Hedges; Christina Gonzalez, Zapata; Charlotte Gray, Dumas; Barbara Hayes, Office of Instruction and School Management; Ivry Hobbs, Hearst; Deborah Jackson, Aldridge; Audrey Marie Johnson, O’Toole; Geraldine F. Johnson, McClellan; Arthur Kubic, Dore; Patricia Jones Hight, Global Visions Academy; Marjorie Ann Joy, Lee; Linda Langhart, Songhai; Carol Lovely, Hampton; Diane Maciejewski, Edgebrook; Nora J. Malloy, Frazier; Sandra Mawrence, Hawthorne; Kevin McCann, Jamieson; Effie McHenry, Wentworth; Sylvia Ortiz, Cardenas; Wilfredo Ortiz, Gage Park High; John Potocki, Clay; Vivian Redd, Morton; Tomas E. Revollo, Waters; Bettye Neal Richardson, Dunne; Diana Rochon, Parkside; Ronnie Shields, Copernicus; Linda Sienkiewicz, Audubon; Angelena Smith, Carroll-Rosenwald; Cora L. Smith, Fermi; James Smith, Sherman; Mary Lee Taylor, Albany Park; Shelby Lee Taylor, Revere; James E. Townsend, DuSable High; Sandra Traback, Chavez; Lawrence Turner, Mann; Mary Elizabeth Usher, Blair Early Childhood Center; Florecita Valignota, Cameron; Nancy Wallace, Volta; Mary Zeronas, Cassell.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS RENEWED The following principals have had their contracts renewed: Betty Allen-Green, Herzl; Jose Barrera, Columbia Explorers; Mark P. Berman, Portage Park; Deborah P. Bonner, Dett; Loretta Brown-Lawrence, Leland; Rosemary Childers, Brunson; Denise M. Gamble, Herbert; Elizabeth Gonzalez, Chase; Leonard B. Moore, Dvorak; Algird Pretkelis, Kelly; Harry Randell, Yates; Rochelle Riddick, Davis Development Center; W. Delores Robinson, Sumner; Carmen Sanchez, Irving Park Middle; Elena Savoy, Wildwood; Gladys Vaccarezza, Blaine; Mary Walsh, Rudolph; Robert Wilkin, Trumbull; Vera Williams-Willis, Altgeld; Diann Wright, Haines.

NEW CONTRACTS New four-year contracts have been awarded to: Rosalydia De Leon-Diaz, Mireles; Denise M. Esposito, Cassell; Ruth R. Garcia, Zapata; Roger T. Johnson, Volta; Titia M. Kipp, Waters; Katherine Konieczny, Mayer; Amelia P. Mason, Graham; Valeria Newell, Irving; Daniel Rohan, Linne; Victor Simon, Dore; Tamara Sterling, Simeon; Taliva Tillman, Songhai; Katrina Young-Weekley, Beard.

SCHOOL CLOSING MORATORIUM A City Council resolution demanding a moratorium on school closings has the support of 39 out of 50 aldermen as well as the Chicago Teachers Union and numerous grassroots organizations. Ald. Michael Chandler (24th Ward) introduced the resolution. CPS has announced that it will track the academic progress of students affected by earlier school closures, as demanded in the resolution.

MAYOR’S CAPITAL PLAN The following neighborhoods will receive new elementary school buildings under Mayor Richard Daley’s plan to build 24 schools across the city: Avondale, Belmont Cragin, Brighton Park, Englewood, the Loop, Near West Side, New City, Portage Park, Roseland, South Shore, West Elsdon, West Lawn and West Ridge.

The following neighborhoods will receive new high school buildings: Back of the Yards, Chicago Lawn/Ashburn, East Garfield Park, Gage Park, Humboldt Park, Irving Park, South Chicago, South Shore and Washington Heights.

Three high schools will undergo major renovations: Austin High in Austin, Collins High in North Lawndale and Mather High in West Ridge.

EARLY COLLEGE GRADS In June, 94 students became the first graduates of the DeVry University Advantage Academy High School, earning both their high school diplomas and an associate’s degree in network systems administration. Ten more students are expected to complete their degrees by September. The academy is an early college magnet program launched in 2004 with DeVry; classes are taught by CPS and DeVry faculty.

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