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People with criminal records are advised to move on with their lives after they have been punished for breaking the law. But it’s not easy. In Illinois, more than 100 jobs are off limits to those convicted of a felony.

Here are 12 jobs you are barred from working in Illinois if you have a felony. For the full list of jobs, click here.

Source: Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Subuk is an intern at The Chicago Reporter.

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  1. This article is a very deceiving, and potentially detrimental, to your readers. These jobs are not all necessarily off limits to felons. For example, by your standards for inclusion in this list obtaining an Illinois driver’s license would also be off limits to felons. While there may be restrictions on these jobs via licensing laws, it is not a clear cut yes/no denial on whether you can obtain the license or position. You include barber in your 12 jobs list, however, the law does not outright state you an individual with a felony can not be a barber. It simply says that having a felony (or misdemeanor) conviction can be a reason for denying a barber license. You also list roofer, however, I would like to know where this comes from as I can not find any reference to roofers in Illinois law. Even with your attached spreadsheet, providing an article such as this with no context, no reference to specific laws, and complete disregard for what the actual laws state does not serve your readers well. I would recommend either appending the article to properly cite specific laws or completely removing this article from your site. For more information on collateral consequences (what you are actually referring to) you should reference:

  2. Completely agree with both Eric & Jeff above. The article is too vague and to put a blanket statement as it does only hurts returning citizens more than help.

    We are building a first of its kind job search engine for felony friendly jobs across the US. We currently have over 750,000 jobs nationwide in our database for people with everything from misdemeanor to felony convictions. Although we cannot guarantee you will be hired, we only source jobs where employers are open to hiring individuals with criminal convictions. You can find out more at

  3. This is absolutely correct and unfortunately there are just too many jobs felons can’t get. I understand not being able to get some that require licenses, etc. But really, this list is only a fraction of the jobs felons can’t get. However, my website has a list of over 175+ companies that hire felons by city/state and is the #1 resource on the internet for finding employment. The URL is:

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