Re-entry: one man’s road to recovery and redemption

Re-entering society successfully after incarceration can involve overcoming addictions that paved the way to prison. John Williams has found ways to try to stay healthy–physically, mentally and spiritually–while navigating the challenges of recovery. Photo Fellow Grace Donnelly documented his journey.

12 jobs you can’t get with a felony

People with criminal records are advised to move on with their lives after they have been punished for breaking the law. But it’s not easy. In Illinois, more than 100 jobs are off limits to those convicted of a felony.

Ex-inmates help revitalize community, get ‘humanity back’

On a rainy day last July, Charles Farmer stepped out of the Lincoln Correctional Center without any ID and $30 in his pocket. He’d just turned 38, had 20 years of prison time under his belt and no idea what would come next. “For 20 years I was taken care of,” Farmer says. “And that’s not a good feeling.”
He returned to the Southwest Side of Chicago, his movement restricted by an ankle monitor as part of his parole. With no job to go to, he spent his first few months of freedom at home until a friend introduced him to the Inner-City Muslim Action Network.