INTERACTION BETWEEN STAFF AND CHILDREN Children’s communication skills develop from verbal interaction with adults, so staff should speak to children frequently, ask open-ended questions, and listen and respond to their comments and suggestions. As much as possible, staff members should speak to children individually, as opposed to the whole group.

INTERACTION BETWEEN STAFF AND PARENTS Programs cannot adequately meet the needs of children unless they recognize the importance of the child’s family and develop strategies to work effectively with them. Staff are asked to have a written statement of philosophy readily available to parents at all times. Also, staff are encouraged to organize pre-enrollment visits and parent orientation meetings, and create a written or verbal system that shares day-to-day happenings of children with their parents.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Age-appropriate materials and equipment should be readily accessible to children and arranged on low, open shelves to promote independent use. Children are more likely to use materials that are accessible to them.

CURRICULUM Children should be provided with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to achieve these goals: foster positive self-concept; encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutritional practices; respect cultural diversity; develop social skills; encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment; encourage language development; enhance physical development and skills; and encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts.

—Accreditation Criteria & Procedures of the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs

Accredited public preschools:

Beaubien, 534-3500; Brennemann, 534-5766; Burley, 534-5475; State Pre-K Demonstration Center, 535-1545; Dever, 534-3090; Goethe, 534-4135; Harvard, 535-3045; Haugan, 534-5040. Madison, 535-0551; Bethune, 534-6890; Casals, 534-4444; Reinberg, 534-3465; Saucedo Magnet, 534-1770; Peirce, 534-2440; Stock, 534-1215; Stockton, 534-2450; Yates, 534-4550.

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