Gene Saffold
Class of 1972
School Board member; managing director, Public Finance Division, Chicago
office of Salomon Smith Barney
High School Activities: played alto saxophone in the orchestra and the
marching band.
(Recently retired Region 3 Education Officer Hazel Steward was his AP
chemistry teacher.)

Andrea Kerr
Class of 1963
Assistant to the Chief Education Officer
High school activities: school newspaper, community service, Future Teachers
of America.
“I followed my dream.”

Albert Foster
Class of 1962
Retired Director of Intervention
High School Activities: cross country team, National Honor Society

Audrey Donaldson
Class of 1962
Chief Officer of Teacher Recertification and Professional Standards

Janice Ollarvia
Class of 1962
Principal, Fenger High School
High School Activities: drama club, yearbook, student council.
“The wimp stuff, never an athlete. Honor society once I got my act

Betty Smith
Class of 1963
Principal, Douglas Junior High
High School Activities: Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society,
Latin club, girls chorus, pep squad, science club, office helper, Girls
Athletic Association, drama club. “I was voted most active in my

Elizabeth Duffrin

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