Gun violations disproportionate

The news: In March, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments over Chicago’s gun-ban case, deliberating whether the Second Amendment applied to state and local laws. Behind the news: Between Jan. 1 and April 3, 847 weapons violations were recorded in Chicago, according to a Chicago Reporter analysis of data from EveryBlock, which compiles crime statistics obtained from local law enforcement agencies. A firearm or ammunition were involved in 707 of those violations. The West Side neighborhood of Austin had the most violations for any community area with 66 violations–” 35 of which were for possession of a handgun.

Chicago transit disparity

The news: In February, the Chicago Transit Authority eliminated nine express bus routes and reduced service on seven rail lines in an effort to cope with its budget shortfall. Behind the news: Although the CTA served 80.7 percent of the Regional Transportation Authority riders in 2008, it is set to receive 44 percent of the 2010 operating budget. Metra, on the other hand, had 13.5 percent of the RTA ridership in 2008 but is set to receive 27. 3 percent of the budget. The disparity, in part, was the basis for a muchpublicized lawsuit filed in January against the RTA and the Illinois Department of Transportation by two CTA riders alleging racial bias in the distribution of funds.