Deployed And Deported

Yolanda Guevara knows she could be called up at any moment. Guevara is a rear detachment commander for her Army Reserve unit, which has already been deployed to Kuwait. It’s a matter of time before she would have to leave her husband and three children in North Carolina to join her unit. Even now, she is sent away from home for anywhere from three days to two weeks to various places in the country–”a job she says would be difficult to manage without the support of her husband. “He works part time but whenever I have to go out –¦ he’s there for me,” Yolanda says.

Extending Organics’ Reach

With the number of people suffering from obesity, diabetes and other chronic health conditions rising in the United States, awareness of the need to find ways to provide healthier foods, especially in communities where availability is sparse, is also increasing. Cities like New York and Chicago have adopted different ways to bring healthier food options to neighborhoods that lack them. A study conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene revealed East and Central Harlem have few supermarkets. Most of the stores that did exist didn’t carry low-fat milk or leafy greens. In March this year, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed the Green Cart Initiative.