Council to focus attention on statewide education research

Based at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, the council recently convened a two-day symposium that attracted more than 100 participants from across the state. This fall, it will publish its first study, an analysis of the state’s supply of teachers and administrators.

“What is missing in educational research is state level [data], especially in Illinois,” notes Executive Director Jennifer Presley.

Web Extras: Comings and goings

NEW LEADERS Kathleen Harris, previously education director for the Chicago Urban League, has been tapped to head Ariel Academy’s expansion to high school. Harris, who spent the past year assigned to Ariel in a principal training program run by New Leaders for New Schools, will serve as assistant principal for three years, then step into the principalship of the high school. Ariel has added a new grade each year since it opened with pre-K and kindergarten in 1996. It plans to add a 9th grade in 2005. … The Board has extended a leave of absence for Sylvia Gibson, former principal of Creiger Multiplex, who is serving as executive director of New Leaders for New Schools.